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The BURNS Art Hotel is a hotspot at the heart of Düsseldorf and certainly far more than just a hotel. Königsallee shopping boulevard, the old town in the city centre and the promenade beside the River Rhine are all just a few minutes’ walk away. Situated at the very heart of the city, the BURNS Art Hotel in Düsseldorf is the ideal residence for guests favouring a central location. At the same time, our focus on individuality and art means that a stay at the BURNS Art Hotel in Düsseldorf will be a thoroughly unique experience.

City Hotel Düsseldorf:
Artistic Clarity

The BURNS Art Hotel in Düsseldorf is a design hotel featuring over 400 unique works of art by international artists, each of whom has designed a floor of the hotel according to their very own concept. Photographs and paintings in combination with sculptures lend each room an individual feel. A modern ambience imbued with clear lines is thus created in the BURNS Art Hotel in Düsseldorf that contrasts starkly with the lovingly worked stucco façade of the Gründerzeit building dating from 1890. Complimentary Wi-Fi is of course available in the rooms, as are all the mod cons, which include a TV and stereo system. Sight is thus firmly kept of the future in the intimate atmosphere at the BURNS Art Hotel in Düsseldorf. 

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BURNS Hotel Düsseldorf

City Hotel Düsseldorf:
The Serenity of Stone

All rooms at the BURNS Art Hotel in Düsseldorf City feature natural stone flooring, which complements the tranquil ambience on the one hand and is perfect for allergy sufferers on the other. The binding element of natural stone is continued in the bathrooms and hallways, creating a harmonious bond between each of the floors in a different style. The serenity of stone is also upheld in the historic vaulted cellar at the BURNS Art Hotel in Düsseldorf. Guests are treated to an ample breakfast buffet here, beneath the red brick arches.