ART Hotel

Art Hotel Düsseldorf

One artist per floor of the hotel; each room an art experience.

The BURNS is an art hotel with something special to offer in every respect. Beginning with the building dating from 1890 affording a charming art nouveau façade that we have completely refurbished and meticulously reconstructed. The original stucco façade has been carefully renewed and restored to its former glory. It is now the face of BURNS, and a signature building in the city of Düsseldorf. A combination of design, architecture, history and art awaits guests to the BURNS Art Hotel.

Art Hotel:
The BURNS Experience

As an art hotel, the BURNS wishes to offer its guests an unforgettable stay. After resolving to establish a hotel, we developed a unique concept with a number of international artists we are friendly with. Each of them was given the artistic freedom to design one floor of the art hotel and to showcase their work. The symbiosis of an elegant, sensual-minimalistic design and the artists’ starkly different works of art led to the creation of a fascinating atmosphere with a common theme that also extends beyond the hotel’s 35 rooms and suites to the foyer and public areas. A very special art hotel.

Art Hotel
Art Hotel in Düsseldorf

Art Hotel:
Our Artists

Works by a number of different international artists are displayed at the BURNS Art Hotel. Guests will find contributions from Brazil, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, America and naturally also Germany by Irene Andessner, Martin Wirtz, Helmut Löhr, Harriet Bart, Lothar Götz, Michael Burges, Dieter Zimmermann, Enrique Asensi and Paulo Greuel on the floors and in the rooms of our hotel. Playfully reinterpreted self-portraits can be found in the same hotel as framed publications banned in certain countries that have been “shot down” with arrows. Paintings and sculpture, abstraction and meta-critique are displayed side by side and unite to create an energetic whole. The works of art selected by the artists for display at the BURNS Art Hotel catch the eye and yet also blend seamlessly into the hotel’s overall concept.

Harriet Bart

Art in the Hotel
Art Hotel at the Rhine

Helmut Löhr

Enrique Asensi

Art Hotel with style
Art Hotel in Düsseldorf and around

paolo greuel

Michael Burges

Art Hotel with taste