Hotel Düsseldorf City

Thanks to its prime location in the city centre, the BURNS Art Hotel Düsseldorf City is a city hotspot for every type of activity in and around Düsseldorf. It is just five minutes walk from the Hotel Düsseldorf City to the central hub Königsallee and main railway station of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, and ten minutes to the old town. The international airport and trade fair and congress centre are also just fifteen minutes’ drive from Hotel Düsseldorf City.
Hotel Düsseldorf City Location
Hotel in Düsseldorf City

Hotel Düsseldorf City: Königsallee, Main Railway Station and Old Town

Königsallee is home to the most exclusive shopping facilities in the city. Lovingly dubbed “Kö” by the local inhabitants, the boulevard is a popular evening hotspot, a place to be seen and a luxury centre all rolled into one. Designer labels like Chanel, Gucci and Armani are located next to exquisite restaurants and bistros with flair. The main railway station is also not far from the BURNS Art Hotel Düsseldorf City. As the most important transport hub in the city’s local and long-distance public transport network, there is always something going on here. Travellers waiting for connections can easily while away the wait in the numerous gastronomic facilities here. The BURNS Art Hotel Düsseldorf City is only ten minutes away from the famous old town where more than 260 pubs line the “longest bar counter of the world”, together with attractive art and cultural institutions. It is a bustling hotspot.


Hotel Düsseldorf City: International Airport and Trade Fair/Congress Centre

The BURNS Art Hotel Düsseldorf City is only fifteen minutes drive from the international airport. As the third biggest airport in Germany, it is an important international hub for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Thanks to the Airport Arcades, which are open all year round and provide excellent shopping opportunities, the airport is also extremely popular with those not travelling. The trade fair and congress centre is also just fifteen minutes drive from the BURNS Hotel Düsseldorf City. Around 40 events are held at this 100-hectare site every year, 22 of which are among the leading events in the world for their respective sector. Machinery, industrial plants, trades and crafts, services, medicine and health, as well as fashion, lifestyle and leisure play a role for these events. An overnight stay in Düsseldorf has never been so easy.

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