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Garni Hotel Köln

The BURNS Fair & More and BURNS Art Cologne are excellent examples of outstanding art hotels in Cologne. Located close to the trade fair centre, both offer a compelling blend of art, comfort and personal service in addition to a practical location. Our privately-run establishments make overnight stays in Cologne a very special experience, whereby individual wishes are also accommodated. Links to the local public transport network allow guests complete flexibility, and our focus on comfort and individuality transforms the rooms in each of our hotels in Cologne into a home away from home for guests.


Hotels in Cologne:
Service at the BURNS

The BURNS hotels in Cologne offer outstanding service. Indeed, we endeavour to cater to guests’ wishes and needs, and consistently meet these with the highest quality and a smile. Thus our team greets guests with light refreshments when they first arrive to satisfy any initial hunger they may have after their journey.

Comprehensive technical amenities with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout our hotels in Cologne ensure additional comfort and flexibility for both business and leisure travellers alike. This is especially convenient for a stay in our Hotel at Cologne Trade Fair Centre.
Garni Hotel in Köln
Garni Hotel in Köln und Umgebung

Hotels in Cologne:
Style at the BURNS

For us at the BURNS, it is particularly important to offer our guests services and a design above and beyond the standard solutions. We want our guests to be left with memories of a unique experience after every stay at a BURNS hotel in Cologne. Each of our hotels in Cologne has therefore been developed in cooperation with different artists, who have realised their creative visions in design concepts that make every hallway and room in the BURNS Fair & More and BURNS Art Cologne something very special. Within this, we do not restrict the stylistic focus to the artistic components: the concept of an outstanding design has also been applied to our décor, and minimalistic approaches have been used to create the ideal canvas to showcase the artwork.