Guesthouse in Düsseldorf

Pension Düsseldorf

All buildings of the BURNS Guesthouse in Düsseldorf are centrally situated in the heart of the city, just a few metres away from the shopping boulevard Königsallee. The buildings of BURNS Guesthouse are situated at three locations in the city centre of Düsseldorf, where they provide a tailor-made home for long and short stays.

In each building of the BURNS Guesthouse in the BURNS Hotel Düsseldorf the prime focus is on quality and individuality. With our 95 rooms, suites and apartments we offer a unique experience for your stay. Each building of our Guesthouse in Düsseldorf is privately managed and based on an individual design concept regarding the style and arrangement of the rooms.


Guesthouse in Düsseldorf:
Art Concepts

All buildings of our Guesthouse in Düsseldorf are decorated with carefully chosen, unique art objects. And nothing is left to chance in the presentation of these art artifacts. Each floor was designed by a different internationally active artist, according to a carefully drawn up overall concept, and also implemented by the artists themselves. In this way the art blends perfectly with the puristic furnishings, and creates an inviting space that gives body and soul a sense of wellbeing and inspiration.

The Guesthouse in Düsseldorf is also adorned with a total of more than 400 different art objects, including artifacts from the fields of painting, sculpture and photography. Our art concept is rounded off by an impressive collection of African tribal masks and a unique exhibition of our collection of tin toys. The BURNS Guesthouse in Düsseldorf lives out passion for art in each of the buildings.

Pension in Düsseldorf
Pension am Rhein

Guesthouse in Düsseldorf:
Relaxation through Simplicity

Each building of the Guesthouse in Düsseldorf has a different design. However, they share common values in terms of architecture and style, and are all shaped by our personal touch. For instance, all our buildings are steeped in history, and with a love for detail we have restored them right from the core, to provide the very latest in modern comfort. An Asian puristic style in the rooms provides deep relaxation, reaching into the heart of the soul. This combination of history, architecture and minimalistic, artistic interior ensures a unique atmosphere in each of the buildings we operate – and this inspires joy and a thirst for more, no matter how long the guests stay.