Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf

The BURNS Group provides Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf in buildings which are only a few metres walk from the shopping boulevard Königsallee, and hence close to the centre of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

We operate Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf at three different locations. In the heart of the city these hotels conjure up the impression of finding a home far away from home. No matter whether guests stay for long periods of time or take a short trip to the city, BURNS hotels are a byword for top quality of life.

To underline this aspiration, our Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf focus on quality and individuality for our guests. When our guests stay in one of our 95 rooms, suites and apartments, they savour a unique experience. Our premises are privately managed and each based on an individually conceived design concept, which opens up a new type of living and wellbeing.

Günstige Hotels Düsseldorf

Günstige Hotels in Düsseldorf
Günstige Hotels mit Kunst

Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf:
Experience BURNS Art

For our Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf we have carefully chosen different unique art objects which we use for decorating our premises. For instance, each floor of our hotels was designed by a different artist, who has harmonised the interiors of the rooms with an overall concept without sacrificing the individual style. All our artists are internationally active, and have impressively succeeded in visually presenting the unique atmosphere of the hotels.

BURNS Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf are adorned with more than 400 artifacts from the fields of modern painting, sculpture and photography. The art compilation is also enhanced by African tribal masks, and an extensive collection of tin toys and more than 5,000 books which round off our offer for Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf. .

Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf:
Incomparable Atmosphere

We have styled our Inexpensive Hotels in Düsseldorf into absolute jewels. The meticulous selection of historic buildings, painstakingly restored to provide ideal comfort for our guests, and the integration of modern materials into the interior areas creates a completely unique atmosphere, where history, architecture, design and art blend together to form a lively whole. Let our Private Hotel in Düsseldorf convince you.

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