Hotel with Parking Spaces in Düsseldorf


The BURNS Hotel with free parking spaces in Düsseldorf is just a few metres from the heart of the city, the shopping boulevard Königsallee. At a total of 3 locations BURNS operates a hotel with parking spaces in Düsseldorf, and provides the highest living quality for all types of stays, from short trips to trade fairs to longer stays.

Here the living quality and individuality of the accommodation is the top priority for BURNS. Our guests should enjoy spending their stays in our 95 rooms, suites and apartments, and take with them the memory of a unique experience. The BURNS Hotel is privately managed with parking spaces in Düsseldorf at each location shaped by a different design concept. This lends a special quality to the stay in every building, thanks to the individual design.


Hotel with Parking Spaces in Düsseldorf:
Atmospheric Selection

The BURNS Hotel with parking spaces in Düsseldorf is adorned with more than 400 art objects. Together with a comprehensive collection of African tribal masks and tin toys, the meticulous choice of pictures, sculptures and photographs create a very special atmosphere in the Hotel with parking spaces in Düsseldorf. More than 5,000 books available to our guests in the rooms provide additional intellectual stimulation. The art was created and arranged by our internationally active artists in coordination with an own individual concept for the rooms and floors.


Hotel with Free Parking Spaces in Düsseldorf:
Old Combined with New and Art

Each building of our BURNS Hotel with free parking spaces in Düsseldorf provides a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation, with an added touch of intellectual stimulation.

To achieve this we have carefully chosen buildings whose age tells their own histories, and we have lovingly restored them from their very core. Now their histories, architecture, design and art are combined to form an exciting mix. The Asian puristic style of the furnishings and fittings enables our guests to thoroughly relax. Naturally all the necessary technical refinements are also available to ensure a comfortable stay in a Hotel with parking spaces in Düsseldorf.