Art Hotel Düsseldorf


The BURNS Art & Culture Hotel in Düsseldorf is committed to offering an enjoyable art and culture experience. At our hotel on Stephanienstraße, we primarily achieve this with a charming blend of baroque and modern styles, African art combined with European influences, and a unique collection of tin toys. This extraordinary lifestyle ambience at the art hotel in Düsseldorf is complemented with state-of-the-art communication technology and comfort. The hotel conference room allows guests to hold business and private meetings in stylish surrounds, and the inner-city location in the old artists’ quarter means guests are able to take a stroll along Königsallee shopping boulevard as well as visit the old town.

Art Hotel Düsseldorf:
An African-European Fusion

At the BURNS Art & Culture Art Hotel in Düsseldorf, we strive to create unique accents through our mix of styles from different periods and cultures with a special atmosphere that captivate guests with appealing exoticism and the familiar modern style. The baroque furniture is paired with contemporary prints and materials such as glass and steel, and thus blends into the otherwise modern-minimalistic design concept that prevails at the art hotel in Düsseldorf. A large selection of African tribal masks and cult items also adorn the hallways and rooms of our art hotel in Düsseldorf. The artists’ fascination with the magic of Africa is clearly tangible in their interpretation and implementation of the design concept for the art hotel in Düsseldorf.




Art Hotel Düsseldorf:
The Art of The Written Word

The African touch is by no means the only artistic aspect at the art hotel in Düsseldorf. We have endeavoured to assign art and culture a special place in all parts of our premises. Thus a poem has been composed whose verses adorn the doors of our rooms and only come together to form a complete work upon exploring all areas of the hotel. At our art hotel in Düsseldorf, the art of the written word also plays a role in the rooms in the form of several thousand written volumes and classic publications. Together with a collection of tin toys from a child development aid project in Madagascar, they highlight playful decorative features and the owners’ endeavour to always present something special.