Affordable Hotels in Cologne

Günstige Hotels Köln

Affordable hotels in Cologne with a favourable location are sometimes difficult to find. BURNS offers a number of good options with its hotels located close to Cologne’s trade fair centre.

Situated just 500 metres from the north entrance to the trade fair centre, the affordable BURNS hotels have an urban feel and yet are optimally located so that guests are not disturbed by traffic noise.

BURNS also emphasises its focus on quality, individuality and cultural expectations in its affordable hotels in Cologne. A stay in one of our rooms becomes a very special experience thanks to the unique works of art we have selected. Because the BURNS is privately run, we were able to orientate ourselves entirely to our specially-developed concept and to create a new kind of living experience in line with our artistic expectations.


Affordable Hotels in Cologne:
An Experience Thanks To BURNS

We believe that affordable hotels in Cologne should not be created at the expense of quality or individuality. Guests on a tighter budget should also be able to enjoy an outstanding experience in our hotels. We have thus selected unique works of art for our premises, which help lend each room a very special touch. In collaboration with our artists, we have created a modern and lively atmosphere that prevails throughout the entire hotel.

Günstige Hotels in Köln
Günstige Hotels in Köln und Umgebung

Affordable Hotels in Cologne:
Atmospheric and Special

The works of art we and our artists have selected for our affordable hotels in Cologne do not appear sporadically then merely fade into the background. Our aim was and remains to draw the focus to the art, and to make it an eye-catching feature while at the same time integrating it into the overall architectural design. We have therefore consciously chosen to keep the interior of the affordable BURNS hotels in Cologne very simple. Guests’ awareness of the art is accentuated as a consequence, without overwhelming them with impressions. The artistic experience thus forms the focus while leaving space for relaxation and tranquillity. Thanks to BURNS, affordable hotels in Cologne are by no means a dull affair! A hotel with free parking in Cologne is as coveted as it is rare, so try it out!