It was quite amazing, and I felt a littl... (November 2017)

Autor: Brian T.
Alter: 40 - 50 (geschäftlich) am 03. November 2017

It was quite amazing, and I felt a little bit like James Bond. Because when I saw the hotel from outside, it didnt look like anything special. And also the reception area was ok, but similar to a hotel or something like that. The hostress was really friendly and helpful. Then when I walked into my room, I thought I walked into another hotel. The room was amazing, and very very nice and new in furnitures and everything. So great. Also the Breakfast area, which is in the Basement. I thought ohh the Basement. But what an amazing dungeon, it was so nice, and beautiful buffet with all the different things you would expect from a 4-5 star hotel. All my best to Hotel Burn, and my best recommendation to the hotel.

Gesamt:5 von 5