Overnight Stays in Düsseldorf

An overnight stay in Düsseldorf in the BURNS Art & Culture promises an exciting mixture of styles, which merge to create a harmonious whole. Our lofts and suites are not simply minimalistic design temples, but rather elegant and comfortable rooms with a heart and soul, which feel completely like home.Our Hotel Apartment Düsseldorf offers a variety of different suites.

Superior Suite 

The Superior Suite provides an outstanding experience for anyone staying overnight in Düsseldorf. The fully-equipped kitchen is separated from the living and sleeping areas by a partition, and provides plenty of space for you and your guests. The generously dimensioned bed is tucked away in a cosy alcove next to the comfortable living area. This will leave guests feeling particularly safe and secure when they spend the night in Düsseldorf. A balcony also leads off the living area.


Executive Suite 

Guests who spend the night in the Executive Suite in Düsseldorf are immersed in a world of peace and tranquillity. Alone the space and light indicate that they have arrived in a place where relaxation and retreat can begin. Cleverly positioned partitions create living spaces between the kitchen, living room with dining area, bedroom and foyer, while at the same time underlining the spacious character of the 51m² Executive Suite. Two flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi round off the overnight experience in Düsseldorf.

Übernachten Düsseldorf Loft Suite

Loft Suite 

Staying the night in our Loft Suite in Düsseldorf is a pleasant and relaxing experience. In the 45m² suite guests are treated to a tasteful selection of furniture, and touches of African flair create a special atmosphere. Natural materials such as stone, different types of wood, and artwork, make an overnight stay in Düsseldorf a tactile experience. Cultural artefacts compiled personally from all over the world transform the suite into a multicultural treasure trove, and make a stay in Düsseldorf a little adventure.


Maisonette Suite 

In the BURNS Art & Culture the prime focus is on charm and authenticity. An essential part of our philosophy is ensuring that our guests feel completely at ease when they spend the night in Düsseldorf. An intimate and comfortable living atmosphere contributes to this during a stay in the Maisonette Suite in Düsseldorf. The symmetry of the room layout has a calming effect, and creates a homely retreat for guests staying the night in Düsseldorf. The division into two floors enables strict separation between the different living areas. While a fully-equipped kitchen, elegant bathroom and a separate living area with balcony await our guests on the lower floor, the sleeping area with a four poster bed is tucked away at the end of a steel staircase, where they can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep in Düsseldorf with wonderful views over the city’s rooftops.

Übernachten Düsseldorf Atrium Suite

Atrium Suite 

Spending the night in Düsseldorf in the BURNS Art & Culture Atrium Suite is an invitation to enjoy Mediterranean flair. With its palm trees, the atrium is the perfect place for guests to relax, enjoy their breakfasts, or sit outside and savour a glass of wine in the evening. The spacious Atrium Suites measure 50-70m² and are particularly light and welcoming thanks to their large glass fronts. The open-plan layout enables views from the living area into the bedroom, linking the living space for guests spending the night in Düsseldorf.